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What Is the Difference Between A Scrap Car and A Salvage Car?

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Vehicles can only last a certain amount of time, beyond which it only costs you more to maintain. If you’ve been a car owner for a while you’ve probably changed a few vehicles in your time. You may even have your older vehicles parked on your property with the intention of repairing, selling, or scrapping.

Most individuals use the terms scrap cars and salvage cars interchangeably, the two aren’t the same, however.

We’re here to help educate you on the differences between scrap and salvage cars:

Salvage Car

What is a salvage car?

Vehicles that have been given the salvage title by insurance companies are known as salvage vehicles. These vehicles are declared a total loss, which usually happens once a vehicle has experienced significant damage. Insurance company’s policies on salvage vehicles differs from service to service, but it’s generally when an insurance provider decides that the repairs of the vehicle will be more than the value of the car.

Once the owner of the vehicles receives the payment and the title is transferred to the insurance firm under the title of a salvage vehicle.

The extent of total loss can vary from complete destruction of the internal components of the vehicle to extensive damage of the car’s body to a point of no return.

Salvage vehicles are sometimes restored to their original state and resold. The issues with such vehicles are the regular repairs required. Salvage vehicles can also be scrapped to junkyards where they are either recycled for metals and valuable parts or repaired and sold off.

What’s a scrap vehicle?

A scrap vehicle, on the other hand, is one that can only be sold for scrap. It’s in such poor condition that repairs are out of the question. The only valuable thing about such vehicles is the materials they are made out of. Nothing is worth saving of such vehicles and they are therefore crushed by junkyard companies for metal.

What’s the difference between the two?

Scrap vehicles are sold for a relatively cheaper price than salvage vehicles. Since there’s a chance that salvage vehicles can make it back on the streets, junkyard services are willing to pay more for it. Salvage vehicles are generally newer cars that have been in nasty accidents; their newer parts are high in demand and hence get a better quote.

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