Get Your Junk Car Towed For FREE

We provide a hassle-free solution to removing an unwanted car from your property.

Schedule a time with us to get your junk car towed for FREE. That’s right! We don’t charge a dime for junk car removal; in fact, we’ll hand you a wad of cash on the spot to take it away!

Provide a brief description of your car, schedule a meeting with us and say goodbye to your junk car forever!

Have peace of mind from knowing you’ve done what’s right the environment and community.

We Deliver Junk Cars

We deliver junk cars to fire and police departments, paramedics and other training institutions free of cost.

We’re strong believers in Reusing, Reducing and Recycling.

The junk cars we pick up are repurposed and donated to training institutions.

It’s Quick, Efficient, & Eco-friendly

We take cars that no one wants. There really isn’t a better way to get rid of a junk car.