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    Give us a call and confirm the engine you need.

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    Inspect the Engine

  • Step 3

    Complete Payment and engine handover

We have the resources to bring the car/engine over to your place or mechanic shop.

CHips4Whips is breaking ground with Engine trade.Does your car need a good used relaible engine? Is the old one making a lot of noise or breaks down repeatedly? Are you having a hard time getting a replacement? If yes, we’re here to help you with the matter and ensure that you have access to the most suitable engine.

Chips 4 Whips believes in helping people and the environment by giving people much safer and sustainable alternatives. If you’re looking to sell your car because the engine is no longer functioning properly, we can give you cash and buy your junk cars.


2006 Chevrolet (Trailblazer ) vin# first 4 digits(1GND)

Engine size and Type ( V6-Vortex 4200 )

140,000 miles ,Runs Great ,very strong.

IMG_1580 (1)

2007 Dodge Charger (base) vin# first 4 digits ( 2B3K )

Engine size and Type ( V6- 3.5L )

Transmission also good.

155,000 miles on Both ,Runs Great, Very strong

IMG_1579 (1)

2003 Chevrolet (Trailblazer ) vin# first 4 digits(1GND)

Engine size and Type( V6-Vortex 4200 )

140,000 miles ,Runs Great ,very strong .


Confirm the engine you need and have the car delivered at your place/mechanic Shop.


Confirm the engine you need and we will take the engine out for you, and deliver it to you. At an additional cost.


Confirm the engine you need and we will take the engine out for you. We will have all the work done, Including placing the engine into your car. At an additional cost.

They’re all in the vehicle, and you can test them out without any problem. You can crank it up when we’re at the drop-off location to ensure that you’re getting a good deal for your money. If you have any problems at all, you can take it up with us. We’ll address all your concerns to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Our junk car services cater to people living in Memphis and surrounding areas. Not only do we pick up the vehicle when you want to sell your car, but we also drop it off at your location using our Tow truck.

Once we’re there, feel free to check out the engine before you make the final purchase. We accept only cash in exchange for the vehicle. This transaction will be done at your delivery address, so you don’t have to worry about coming to us to make the deal.

Moreover, we’re happy to leave the vehicle at your doorstep for a couple of days if you want to take some time to Take it out on your own. However, from the 6th day, a minimal fee of $20/day will be charged.

If you want to save a bit of extra cash, you can take out the engine from the scrap car yourself. On the other hand, if you want, you can ask us to deliver only the engine to your home! In any case, we’re happy to help you.

Contact us at (901)-949-3656 to make an appointment!

Ready to Have Your Junk Car Removed from Your Sight?

Our services are available in Memphis and surrounding areas, including Germantown, Bartlett, Southaven, Horn Lake, Olive Branch



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    2007 Dodge Durango 4×4 ( SLT ) vin# first 4 digits ( 1D8H )

    Engine size and Type ( V8-4.7L ) Transmission also good.

    143,000 miles on Both , Runs Great ,Very strong.