We know that old junk cars can be used in campaigns and for training to assist fire department, police, paramedics and even education.

Chips4Whips supplies unwanted junk cars to these institutions where they are used as essential training tools.

We regularly use junk cars for awareness campaigns on drunk driving, speeding and other related causes. You may not know it but your junk car can have many uses.

Help our cause and sell or donate your junk car to us! Dispose of your junk vehicle in Memphis and surrounding areas, the “Green” way Is the better way to sell your junk car.


REPURPOSE your junk vehicle to train rescuers and encourage others to do the same by enhancing public awareness.


Cut back your environmental footprint by selling your junk car to Chips4Whips. Keep them out of the car dump and let them be reused for a greater purpose!


We resell salvageable parts of your junk car to companies that can use them.

We buy and take donations for unwanted junk cars

We’ll drop by your place to tow your junk car for free and leave you with a handful of cash!



Chips4Whips offers the best solution to disposing junk cars. We Reuse, Reduce and Recycle car parts and reduce waste one car at a time!

We help our clients by giving them instant cash and provide towing services while doing our part for the environment. We contribute in building awarness about road safety through creating visual props.

For more information on our services, feel free to drop an email at cash@chips4whips.com or give us a call at 901-949-3656.

Our services are available in Memphis & surrounding areas including Germantown, Bartlett, Southaven and Olive Branch


We take cars that no one wants. There really isn’t a better way to get rid of a junk car.