NO TITLE! NO PROBLEM! The Eco-Friendly and Efficient Way to Sell Your Junk Car Sell or Donate Your Junk Car Get Cash On the Spot! Sell Us Your Junk Car And Get Cash On The Spot Sell or Donate Your Junk Car Eco-Friendly Disposal of Junk Cars We repurpose unwanted cars to protect the environment. Learn More We'll drop by your place to tow your junk car for free and leave you with a handful of cash Learn More

Looking to Get Rid of a Junk Car in Memphis and Surrounding areas?
We’ve Got You Covered

Get Instant Cash

Sell us your unwanted junk car and get paid in cash instantly.

Protect the Planet

We remove hazardous fluids and repurpose your old car before it can damage the environment.

Be Charitable

Your junk car can be used for training purposes by Fire & Police Depts. across the country.

Towing Services

If you donate or sell your junk car to us, we will tow it for free!

Welcome to
Chips 4 Whips
Sell us your damaged vehicle
and get immediate cash!
We provide instant cash for junk cars in Memphis, TN and
surrounding areas. We don’t care what condition your car is
in. The doors may have to be taped shut, the brakes may not
work, the seat covers could be peeling off, and it might be
missing a window or two, but we’ll still buy it!

We’re committed to making the environment better for everyone,
so we purchase old, unwanted or impounded junk cars for cash
and repurpose them. We remove hazardous fluids and sell
salvageable parts. We do as much as can to prevent harmful
chemicals from being released into the earth.

We offer a greener alternative to those who want to discard junk
cars quickly and inefficiently. Selling a junk car can be incredibly
difficult because no one wants to pay for a car they can’t use.
With our services you can get money on the spot and the peace
of mind that your car may be re-purposed - not be disposed

We’re a reliable recycling company for junk and scrap cars in
Memphis. We purchase junk cars for cash in Memphis and surrounding
areas. Our junk cars are sometimes donated to vehicle extrication,
rescue training and Visual props at schools where they’re used for
educational purposes.
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We buy and take donations for unwanted junk cars

If you have no title, no problem Its quick, efficient and eco-friendly







We take cars that no one wants. There really isn’t a better way to get rid of a junk car.



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