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Our Junk Car Service will Pay You Cash to Sell Your Scrap Cars in South Memphis

South Memphis is a dreamy place to live in. It’s part of the oldest portions in Memphis, and it’s a huge area. South Memphis stretches from Downtown, encompasses Midtown and the Mississippi state line. It’s a big community and has everything you could ask for: a rich history, vibrant music, and hard-working and friendly people. It’s also home to a bunch of famous singers like Elvis Presley.

Since there are so many people in South Memphis, the transport system is pretty well-maintained. It’s part of the transportation system of Memphis. Most people prefer to use the main transport system. Of course, others stick to traveling in their car. S if you’re stuck with a car that’s completely out of shape just sitting in your garage accumulating dust and you can’t seem to get rid of it, our junk car service is at your service.

You can sell your junk car to us and get cash in return. The whole process is pretty straightforward. Not only will selling scrap cars benefit you, but it will also help other industries. For instance, cars that come to us in a better condition are donated to important sectors such as the police and fire department. We also ensure that we eliminate all the chemical toxins in your car to prevent a carbon footprint.

If you’re in South Memphis and you have a car that’s so severely wrecked, you think no one’s even going to take a second look at it, reach out to us. Our junk car service will take them off your hands. To us, it doesn’t matter how bad the paint looks or if the car’s windshield and glasses have been smashed beyond repair. It doesn’t even matter to us how old the car is or whether it can start at all. We’ll do what we can to salvage your car, give you cash for it, and donate it to the respective departments.

So no matter where you’re located in South Memphis, just give us a call if you want to sell your car to us. We’ll get there as soon as possible with a tow truck and take it off your hands. You can book an appointment with us via email cash@chips4whips.com or call us at (901)-949-3656. We look forward to hearing from you and reaching an agreement. Help us help the environment and you!

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Our services are available in Memphis and surrounding areas, including Germantown, Bartlett, Southaven, Horn Lake, Olive Branch

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