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The Most Valuable Parts You Can Salvage From A Junk Car

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The demand for vehicle parts has always been on the rise. In fact, the demand for aftermarket parts of this industry is expected to touch $1 trillion by 2022!

Aftermarket parts come in handy for vehicles that require repairs. These parts are also used to form other car parts. Even luxury cars being produced today come from recycled metals and other materials, making car production more sustainable than before.

If you’re looking to sell your car to a scrap removal service, here are some valuable car parts to know about:


You probably weren’t aware of how valuable the GPS system in your vehicle is. If the system is still intact in your junk car, you can expect to get a couple of hundred for it alone. It’s worth removing it or including it in the cost you draw up when selling your vehicle to a junk car services North Memphis. If you happen to have the portable version of a GPS, you can expect getting less cash.

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The catalytic converter

All vehicles produced after 1975 have catalytic converters in their exhaust systems. This part is therefore always in demand as vehicles require replacements.

This particular part performs the essential function of converting harmful gases in the system. This was developed to reduce the pollution caused by vehicles. The materials used to prepare this part are of premium quality like palladium, rhodium, and platinum; hence you can get great value for it.

The exhaust system

Exhaust systems can be costly to change. It can cost you anywhere from $500 to $1000 for a new exhaust system. You will surely end up getting good value for money from this system as it plays the vital role of reducing harmful fumes and reducing the noise levels of the engine. There’s always a demand for the exhaust system of a car, make sure you’re aware of its value before scrapping your car.

Tires, rims, and wheels

The rims on vehicles are often recycled for cash. Even wheels and rims that are rundown and damaged have value because of the metals used to prepare them. Aluminum wheels, in particular, are known to sell for a higher amount since they are more durable and hard wearing.

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