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The Environmental Benefits of Junk Cars Removal

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The amount of hazardous fluids that auto recyclers recover from scrap cars every year is eight times the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster. Junking your old car does not only provide you with fast cash, but it also helps reduce greenhouse emissions.  

Chip4Whips are junk car buyers in Memphis. They give old junk cars a useful purpose by providing them for use in educational campaigns and for training to fire departments and police. Here are a few environmental benefits that result from scrapping your old junk car:

Recycling of Metal from Scrap Cars

Your junk car may appear useless to you. However, it may prove to be important for the junk car buyer. Around 14 million tons of steel are recovered from junk cars every year. The scrap metal from such cars can be used in manufacturing new cars.

Utilizing metals recovered from scrap cars can also preserve limited oil resources on earth. In North America, automotive recyclers save nearly 85 million barrels of oil every year. Other than steel, platinum and aluminum can also be recovered from the various parts of scrap cars.

Recovering and recycling these metals can reduce their mining requirements, thus positively impacting the environment.

Prevent Leakage of Toxic Substances

Other than the recovery of metal from scrap cars, other components serve to be as important. A junk car contains around 5 to 10 gallons of toxic fluids and chemicals.

These liquids present in the form of battery acid, and brake and steering fluids contain harmful mercury and zinc oxide. These chemicals can seep into the underground water system of your house and cause health side effects such as skin irritation and respiratory infection. The leakage of such chemicals is also harmful to wildlife and the overall ecosystem.

Avoid Landfills

Landfills are large areas of land where our day-to-day wastes are disposed of. Even if the waste is not burned, it eventually decomposes and results in the emission of methane and other harmful gases and liquids into the environment, causing pollution.

Cars are non-biodegradable, meaning they will not decompose and stay in landfills, thus contaminating the land. You can help to reduce our carbon footprint by scrapping your old cars to junk car dealers. This way, you will benefit by earning some cash, and the junk car buyers in Memphis will be able to recycle around 80% of the scrap car, making a meaningful impact in saving the environment.

Damaged car in Memphis

If you want to help save the environment, sell impounded junk cars to a junk car buyer. If you’re looking for a junk car buyer in Germantown to scrap your old car, you’ve come to the right place.

Chips4Whips is a reliable junk vehicle buying company operating in Memphis and surrounding areas. We can send our workers for a quick inspection of your car and make an offer. We also provide free towing services and disposal of harmful fluids from your property.

Contact them now to sell junk cars Germantown TN.

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