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The Ecological and Economic Benefits of Selling a Junk Car

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If you’ve got an old car parked at the corner of your home’s garage, it’s just not affecting your home’s aesthetics negatively but also silently contributing to global warming. As the earth continues to face the ever-increasing impact of carbon emissions, environmental specialists recommend people adopt environmentally-friendly practices and contribute towards a sustainable future by recycling their old cars.

Vehicle Recycling

If you own an old car, you should sell it to a reliable scrap car dealer, and they’ll take care of it onwards. Automotive recycling procedures are incredibly simple. A scrap car dealer dismantles a car and identifies its reusable components. According to a study, about 80% of a car’s components can be recycled.


Let’s look at how automotive recycling contributes to a better environment and economic wellbeing in the US.

  • The automotive recycling industry saves up to 85 million barrels of oil required to produce new vehicles.
  • The automotive recycling industry is one of the biggest employment industries in the US, employing about 149,000 US citizens in the US.
  • Metal from used cars is used in vehicle manufacturing. Producing new steel is costlier and consumes approximately 74% more energy than recycling metal.
  • When a car becomes overcharged or damaged, its battery starts leaking. Sulphuric acid and lead in car batteries are highly dangerous to human health. In addition to affecting your area’s local fauna and flora, fluorocarbon from the car’s ACs also damage the ozone layer.
  • Cars are directly associated with increased CO2 emissions worldwide. All of the car’s components can be recycled from the car seats to the window glasses and tires to the batteries. Recycling your car can help you play your part in reducing the number of fossil fuels burned in your country,
  • Selling your car for recycling purposes can help you earn some extra bucks.

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