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Sell or Scrap? Here’s What To Do With An Old Car

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Every car owner must face this dilemma when they have to bid goodbye to their cars and decide if they should sell or scrap their vehicle. Selling or scrapping your car is a subjective choice. While many people prefer disposing of their vehicles every two years, some don’t even want to give up on their automobiles after ten years of regular use.

When to Sell

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Stay Updated with the Automotive Maintenance Costs in Your Area

The ideal time to sell your automotive vehicle is when it runs approximately 1,00,000 km or has completed four to five years of regular use. Many cars come with a 5-year guarantee, after which their resale value drops.

You can identify the right time to sell a car; you need to evaluate its current value and expected repair costs in the next few months. If the repair and maintenance costs are up, retaining ownership of that car may cost you heavily.

Keep an Eye on the Resale Costs

A car’s value decreases by 50% after it completes 4-5 years of service. So, if you want to resell it at a higher cost, sell it before it reaches its 5th anniversary!

When to Scrap

When a car reaches its expiry date in your state, you can either sell the vehicle in another US state where it hasn’t crossed its legal working limit yet or scrap it in your state. Reputable car scrapping companies would recycle, repurpose or restore your car and pay you a reasonable amount of cash in exchange for your car.

If you want your old car to be dismantled by an experienced car scrapping company, you’ll be required to submit several documents proving that you’re the actual owner of the car. If the car’s registered owner isn’t alive, you’ll have to show the scrap car dealer their succession or death certificate.

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