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Is It Time You Junked Your Car?

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We understand fully well how hard it can be to part with a car that has run miles with you, that has been your wheeled companion on many a journey, and that has helped you race to work for years. Cars are more to owners that metal boxes on wheels that run on natural gas: they’re our comrades, and we come to love them as we would love a pet.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

And cars, too, hit the end of the road at one point in their lives. And has that time already come for you?

Find out!

You’re in a Better Place

When you bought your first car, a cost-effective little thing, that was all you could afford. But ten, fifteen years down the lane, you’re in a better financial position. Most importantly, if you have appearances to maintain (like a leadership position in a corporate arena), you should think about junking your old car.

Pricey Repairs

It’s true that you’ll save money by keeping your old car with you, but what’s also true is that when your car becomes really old and/or unusable, its repairs shoot up the glass ceiling. A point comes when these repairs are constant and costly—and that’s when you change your car.

Not Modern Enough

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Look, we understand that it takes guts to be a Luddite and oppose modernity and all that, but what’s it worth if you’re not driving in a safe vehicle? Vehicles from the 80s, 90s, and even the 2000s are grossly unsafe—many without airbags. In today’s traffic and accident-prone roads, that doesn’t sound like such a safe idea.

Check Engine. Constantly

If your check engine light is a constant presence in your life, never going out until you accept it as a part of your life, you should be alarmed. Minor problems, no matter how soon you get them fixed, will keep returning—and a constantly on check engine light backs this up. Junk your car before it goes up in flames.

No Title

If your car is old and outdated that you don’t have a title for it, nor can find one, you should put to rest all dreams of selling it to a viable buyer. You can sell it to an interested buyer, given you can get through the lengthy and hectic documentation procedure. Sell it instead to Chips4Whips—we’ll pay you in cash, and we won’t have any problems buying the vehicle without a title.

Rust Destroys Everything

(And no, we don’t mean Rust Cohle, though he destroys everythingone too)

It’s only natural that some years ago, you bought your first car from a used car place; that was all you could save up for. But this many years down the lane, you will soon realize that the rust problem has gone from bad to worse. Instead of bits and scraps, you see your car deteriorate and age visibly every day.

There’s only one thing you need in such a situation. . .

You Need a Reliable Junk Car Buyer

And Memphis-based Chips4Whips is here to provide everything, from pickup services to junk car services North Memphis. Get in touch with us today!

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