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Car Recycling: What Are The Advantages?

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With the growing awareness of eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, we are often reminded about the benefits of recycling, reusing, and repurposing items such as shoes, bags, books, and even appliances.

But, one thing that most people forget to take into account is their vehicle. Almost 270 million vehicles are registered in the US; each comes with a specific lifespan, and once they cross this, they are no longer safe to use. Just like any other item, your car can be broken down and recycled for various purposes. Here are some of the top advantages of recycling your car:

  1. It’s An Environmentally Friendly Option

Cars are made of long-lasting and reusable materials, such as aluminum, steel, copper, glass, and rubber. When recycling the steel from a car, manufacturers can avoid the destructive processes of refining iron ore to produce steel. Research has shown that recycling steel uses lesser energy than the energy required to make steel from scratch.

Another plus point about the recycling process is that all the toxic fluids from your vehicle are disposed of safely, so none of it seeps into the ground and causes pollution.

  1. Reduces Greenhouse Gases

With increasing demand, car companies are compelled to manufacture more and more vehicles every year. During this manufacturing process, a huge amount of greenhouse gases get released. Adding to this, metals such as iron and steel lead to an increased amount of toxic substances in the atmosphere. This is why recycling your old junk cars won’t only help conserve natural resources like coal but will also improve our quality of life by ensuring cleaner air to breathe.

An interior shot of a junk car with a rusted steering wheel and seat.

  1. Avoid Landfill Dumps

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are over 3,091 active landfills In the US. These landfills are one of the greatest contributors to soil pollution. Research shows that 80% of the items in these landfills can be recycled. When you choose to recycle your car, this helps reduce landfill dump and soil pollution.


  1. More Space At Home

Let’s face it; your junk car is just rusting in your backyard, consuming a large space. Giving this to a recycling company won’t only help bring along the benefits mentioned above but also give you more available space at home.


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