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Car Crash: The Physics of Collision and What to Do with Your Car

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Have you recently been in a car crash, and are completely lost? Are you confused because you don’t understand what really went off with your car and what remains to be done now?

You’re not alone. There are thousands of car accidents every year on roads in all U.S. states, even in Memphis. As many as 2.5 million citizens get seriously injured in these incidents of road rage. And as for the cars. . .

A Street Car Named Dire

Even if the person sitting inside is saved by an airbag or some other miracle, it’s the car that sustains the most damage. From its windshields to its headlights, from the bumper to its tires, cars are usually seen in dire circumstances after a car crash. The reason is simple enough—they’re made of metal, but they’re not steel. They can bend and rupture and compress easily, and you end up with a junk car.

But why?

Isaac Newton

The Physics of a Car Crash

Reducing it down to fundamental science, it’s all energy. When a car (a moving object) collides with another object (whether moving or unmoving), transfer of energy takes place. And in case you’re not a science noob, even objects at rest have energy.

It’s this transfer of energy that ends up bending, hollowing out, damaging, and hurting things—be it human or metal.

If the vehicle that’s struck is big enough, it will return the oncoming energy to the orifice that collided with it. If the vehicle can’t withstand the oncoming collision, it will absorb the energy, dissipating it through its metal being—and that’s how your windshield broke.

It’s nothing new—it’s Newton. Newton’s laws of motion at work.

What to Do Now?

So the Newtonian laws have reduced your new car to a nuisance. It’s a wreck—literally. The bumper’s come off, the windshield has lost all wind, the headlights are lightless, so on and so forth. You could tow it and get it fixed—but let’s be honest here.

A car broken this badly will take a lot of cash to repair, and even then you can’t be fully sure if everything is A-OK. If your engine is still raging, raging against the dying of the “check engine” light, you will have a fresh set of problems at your hands. And if you have hospital bills on top of this repair work, you’ll have to make a choice: broken bones or a broken car?

But What If You Don’t Have to Make a Choice?

Chips4Whips is here to tell you that you don’t really have to make that choice. You can still get good money out of your car wreck, and won’t have to worry about the repairs at all. sell scrap cars North Memphis to us for cash, and we can use parts or repurpose it, based on the extent of the damage. We also provide pickup services in Memphis, so you don’t really have to worry about anything!

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