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Am I Driving a Junk Car?

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If your previously beloved car is no longer operating to its full potential, there’s a reason behind it: either your car has reached the end of its life—which happens at around 200,000 miles; or has recently been involved in an accident and is no longer in the best shape.

Apart from these obvious two, cars can stop being roadworthy for a number of other reasons. These four indicators will help you decide whether it’s time to recycle your baby or sell it to a junkyard for cash.

Visible Damages

Car’s windshield is cracked in one too many places? Doors don’t open and shut properly? The metallic parts of the car are corroded?

Whether you met with a minor accident or car has lived past its age, the damage will be visible to the exterior. Before you think about hanging on to it for a little while longer, get an estimate from a junkyard to know its worth.

Damaged vehicle

Internal Damage

Coolant and brake fluid leaks, worn out piston rings, hole in the compression cylinder, dead battery and clogged air intake are just a few common problems. Most of these result in a faulty engine so you won’t be able to either start the car or it will stop running after a while.


Do you get stares every time you try starting your car? The squeaking noises are a sign of sudden death approaching. If your car is making constant spluttering sounds or engine has stopped more than a few times in the middle of the road, you’re definitely driving a junk car.

Repair Costs

Have you taken your car for repairs multiple times in previous months? Are the repair quotations costing you a pretty penny? If your car is spending more time at the repair shop than on the road, get rid of it by selling it to a junkyard buyer.


What Are My Options?

Get a professional involved. A junk car doesn’t mean it has lost its functionality or is completely inoperable.

A junk vehicle removal service can let you know about the salvageable as well as recyclable parts that can be sold for money. If you’d rather not involve yourself in the complexities, just get a quote from a junk car buyer and receive cash for junk cars Memphis TN immediately.

Memphis residents can take their hands off old and unwanted cars in no time by contacting us at Chips4Whips. We offer free pickup so if your car has been sitting in the driveway for a while and doesn’t have gas, don’t worry about driving it to us. Just share the location and pickup time information with us, and we’ll be there at your convenience.

Contact us at (901)-949-3656 in case of emergencies.

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