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3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Junk Car Before the Holiday Season

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Your car is probably the fastest-depreciating asset you own; its value begins decreasing as soon as you start driving it. A new car loses about 20% of its value by the first year and continues depreciating by 15% every year.

There eventually comes a time when your car becomes a junk car, which means that maintenance and repair costs are going to be astronomical. The best possible course of action in this case is to sell it for some instant cash.


Selling your junk car for some extra cash this holiday season can enable you to go all out with Christmas spending (and saving). Here are some reasons why you should consider selling your junk car before Christmas.


More Space For Decoration

An unusable car serves no purpose apart from taking up valuable decoration space during the holiday season. You could declutter your house and store some items in your garage after removing the junk car.

An Instantaneous Income

Selling your junk car can help you earn a significant amount of cash without a comprehensive application or approval process. While you shouldn’t expect a vast value pay-out for an entirely depreciated car, a few hundred dollars can help cover various bills, rent payments, groceries, or the kids’ gift shopping.


Another bonus of selling your impounded car is that you receive cash from the buyer on the same day and can have the vehicle hauled away for free.


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A Healthy Environment

Many people have memories and sentiments attached to cars. As a result, many car owners hesitate to sell or donate them. However, the hazardous chemicals they contain—including the rotten engine oil that can seep into the ground—are beyond dangerous. It could pollute the house’s drainage system, resulting in health problems among children and pets.

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Immediately limit this risk by selling the car.

Conclusively, selling your scrap car right before Christmas time can give you and your family some much-needed extra income, while also leaving your home beautiful and spacious. If you live in Memphis, TN, reach out to us, at Chips 4 Whips. We offer instant cash for your junk car, regardless of how damaged it is. Schedule a car pick-up here.


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