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3 Benefits of Scrapping your Vehicle

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Having an old, junked car taking up valuable space on your property is not only frustrating but can also be hazardous. Your old clunker can attract pests and rodents, and toxic fluids, such as battery acid and motor oil can pose health and safety risks.

Therefore, it’s best to call a reputable junk car removal service, such as Chips4Whips, and get the old rust bucket hauled away from your property. And the best part is that we offer cash for scrap cars! Moreover, removing junk cars will also clear up usable space in your garage.

This blog post will have a look at the benefits of scrapping an old, lifeless car.


Deal for Cash

Instead of keeping a useless car in your garage, scrap it. One of the greatest advantages of scrapping cars is that you can trade a junk car for cash. Most companies offer a handful of money for junk cars so you won’t have to worry about repairing them. Some of the car parts still intact can be more valuable than you think.


The acid from old, dead batteries and other toxic chemicals that leak from old junk cars can pose environmental as well as health and safety hazards. To prevent pollution and health hazards, it is best to recycle junk cars. The metal body of the cars is easily recycled and reused to make other vehicles, metal objects, and electronics.

DIY Arts and Crafts

It’s surprising to realize that you can repurpose different parts of your car to decorate your home and outdoor. For instance, the tires can be used to make a swing for your patio or a small table/stool for your living room. The doors and mirrors of your car can be used to create vintage furniture for your home. You can also turn your car into a junk car garden by growing plants and flowers for an aesthetic effect in your yard.

Plants growing in a broken car


If you have a junk car that you intend to dispose of, reach out to a car junkyard to sell or donate it. At Chips4Whips in Memphis, we offer instant cash for your junk cars rusting at home. Avail the free towing service offered by our team or contact us for more information.

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