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Your Junk Vehicle Can Help Cops and Firefighters During Training

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The “Platinum Ten Minutes” is a term that all first responders know. The job entails the rapid evacuation of a victim from a damaged vehicle to an ambulance. This puts considerable pressure on emergency services to reduce vehicle extrication timings.

Vehicle extrication is an essential emergency training module where members practice removing people from cars after unexpected fires or auto accidents. Police and fire fighting departments utilize scrap vehicles for the purposes of auto extrication training.


This module enables police officers and firefighters to carry out rescue operations confidently. It includes all the skills required to save lives and minimize secondary injuries during the Platinum Ten Minutes by cutting a car open.


Selling or donating your impounded junk car can help save lives by facilitating this training program. Here are some ways a scrap car can help with auto extrication practices.

Vehicle Stabilization

Vehicle stabilization is the first hands-on technique that emergency departments need to perform at an accident scene.


This is an advanced operation that involves protective gear and equipment. Junk cars play an essential role in training candidates for this operation. Police and fire departments create visual scenarios using scrap cars for department members, so they can practice car stabilization during a fire or vehicle-collision.

Glass Relocation

The auto glass on windows and windscreens is the biggest hazard when it comes to injuries. Therefore, glass removal is a critical auto extrication step. Police officers and firefighters learn to prevent unexpected glass shattering over the patients by safely removing the car glass.


Most departments use scrap cars with coated glass to teach the use of glass-handling during auto extrication.


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Roof Removal

Some accidents—like drunk driving situations or a head injury—require immediate patient access. Total car-roof removal is the most suitable way to go in this case. By practicing the sequence of cuts for complete auto roof removal, firefighters and police officers learn to focus on their coordination and teamwork skills.

Taking Car Doors

Popping open or removing car doors is a crucial skill that every first responder must specialize in. Car doors are the go-to entry points, and enable the quickest patient extrication from the car. However, modern cars with keyless systems may pose some challenges for emergency services.


With impounded junk cars, first responders get the opportunity to get hands-on practice. This includes brute force solutions, like ripping and tearing the metal, and using hinges or pins for a more finessed technique.

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Donating or selling your junk cars is a wonderful way to give back to first responders. They rely on your support to ensure their skills are up to par. If you have a car sitting in your garage, donate or sell it to us, at Chips 4 Whips. Get in touch to be a part of this worthy cause.

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