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Why Should You Consider Selling Your Old Car Before Buying a New One?

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There are many reasons you might be considering purchasing a new car because your old one has seen better days. Maybe the mileage is too high, or perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

Whatever the reason may be, before you spend an arm and a leg on that shiny new car in the showroom window, consider selling your old car first. Here are a few reasons why you should do that.

You’ll Make Some Extra Money

It may not seem like it, but selling your car can be a lucrative activity. Assuming your car is worth at least $1,500, you could potentially get $450 for it. The average price of a new car is around $30k, so you’re looking at about 10% of the price for your old ride.


That’s better odds than blackjack! However, if you have one that’s really in bad shape or has been damaged in some way (maybe by theft), then don’t pass up that opportunity to get more money for it than you would with an insurance payout.


Selling your old car will give you the money needed to buy a new one. Whether it’s to save money on gas or to bypass the loan process, if you don’t want to be stuck paying for an old car that has seen better days, then selling your old one first is the answer for you.

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It’s Good for The Environment

There’s no doubt that selling your old car before buying a new one can be profitable. Also, selling your junk car is good for the environment since the disposal company would take care of it and recycle it.

Avoiding Maintenance Costs

A high-maintenance car will have a higher cost than what some people think when they initially buy it. Whether or not this cost is worth paying for can depend on how much someone drives and how many miles they put on their cars over time.

It can be an easy trap to fall into when shopping for a car, but it’s one that you shouldn’t fall into because a maintenance can be expensive. That’s why selling your old car might be a better option to avoid paying for increasing maintenance costs.

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