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Which Scrap Metals Are the Most Valuable in Junk Cars

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Have a junk car in your garage but want to learn about the value of different scrap metals it contains before going to a junk car buyer? You’re not alone.

As of May 23, 2022, the average lifespan of vehicles In the US is 12.2 years. That’s a 2% increase from the previous year. Regardless of how exciting the news might sound, it’s practically very difficult to drive the same car for more than a decade. After 8-10 years (maximum), you surely need to consider scrapping it and the good news is that you can also earn a decent amount of cash by selling it to a reliable car recycling company.

Many people want to sell their cars part by part to make the most of their investment when it reaches their end-of-service life. Here’s a list of important metals in vehicles.


Cars manufactured in 1915 or earlier contain lots of brass components. If you’ve got such an old car intact, you’d surely prefer restoring it and selling the vehicle as a whole, but if it’s totally damaged, tear that brass radiator and you’d be able to earn some cash out of it.


Nearly all the vehicles you see on the road today are made out of steel. Steel is the best material that ensures vehicle safety. According to World Auto Steel, iron and steel constitute almost 65% of an average vehicle. Once all the hazardous car fuels are disposed of, scrap processors can take out steel and sell it to the steel mills. Steel car components include but aren’t limited to some body parts, frame, chassis, and wheels.


Copper can be found in several automotive components such as motors, electronics, and wire harnesses. In 2005, the US automotive industry used approximately 803 million pounds of copper for the manufacturing of about 11.95 million motor vehicles.

According to a study, copper recycling can significantly contribute to a low-carbon economy. The demand for copper has tremendously increased in the past few years because of the rising electric vehicles and renewable energy transition.


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