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What We Do With Your Accident Car

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Motor vehicles are the #1 recycled product throughout the US. Cars are recycled when they reach the end of their useful life—but also if they’ve been in an accident and aren’t fit for use anymore.

If your vehicle has been damaged and declared a total loss by your insurance company, it becomes a salvage vehicle and will be issued a salvage title.

The damage doesn’t even have to be major for this to be the case. However, if your car has incurred immense damage and doesn’t work anymore, it’s a junk car, and you should get it scrapped.

Here’s how we junk your car after towing them away for free.

We remove all the fluids

On average, a car has around 5 to 10 gallons of fluid that could seep out into the environment if not safely removed.

Cars contain antifreeze, brake fluid, Freon, and power steering fluid. These fluids need to be carefully treated and disposed of, since they are skin and eye irritants, and cause respiratory issues as well.

We dispose of all harmful fluids, and reuse what we can. Motor oil doesn’t go bad, so we clean it and use it as lubricant.

If properly handled, the Freon can be repurposed as a refrigerant. The antifreeze is cleaned, reconditioned, and then used for its original job.

Scrap Car

We pull the car apart

If your car is an accident junk car instead of an end-of-life junk car, the chances are that it still has parts that are in decent shape. We remove all sellable parts from the car before crushing it. These sellable parts are then reconditioned and tested to be sold to consumers. This could include the engine, alternators, and starters.

We recycle the parts

Around 80% of the car is recycled and reused, and around 98% of all car batteries in North America are recycled. Car batteries contain lead, battery acid, and non-biodegradable plastic, all of which are harmful to the environment. However, most of the lead and the plastic are recycled to create new batteries for cars.

The tires are recycled as well and can be sold to a variety of different industries to create turf for playgrounds and gyms, or to create landfill lining. The steel, aluminum, and other metals in the car’s frame are also recycled and sold back to the auto industry to create new car frames.


We specialize in the recycling of junk cars. We offer cash for junk cars in Germantown and Memphis, TN. If you’re in Memphis, Bartlett, or surrounding areas, sell your broken down car to us. We’ll tow it away for free and you’ll be doing your bit in helping out the environment.

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