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What Happens to Your Junk Car Parts

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Have you decided to sell your old vehicle that was unnecessarily taking up space in your backyard?

That’s great! It’s an excellent way to get rid of it and helps you to make some money as well.

However, you’re probably wondering what happens to your junk car? The junkyard obviously won’t fix it and drive it around.

In fact, your old vehicle is ordained for an entirely different journey—kind of a short one: the valuable working parts are salvaged for resale and the rest is sold as scrap. Let’s find out more.

Liquids are drained

A typical junked car has five to 10 gallons of fluids left in it, which can be harmful if they seep into the environment.

So firstly, all the fluids—including gasoline and oil—present in the vehicle are safely removed. Any brake fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, and any other liquids are drained separately as each of these has to be disposed of individually and in a careful manner.

Valuable Parts are salvaged

After all the liquids are completely siphoned out of the vehicle, any valuable parts that are in good condition—or at least in a working condition—are salvaged from the car.

These may include major parts such as alternator, engine, and transmission. They may also include items such as the battery, cable wires, etc. Each of these parts may or may not be refurbished and made available for sale

This not only helps junkyards to make money, but also make old parts accessible to buyers—that too at very reasonable prices.

Scrap yard

Scrap Metal Is Crushed and Recycled

After the valuable parts are removed from the vehicle, the final stage where a vehicle’s shell is processed into scrap metals is initiated. This is where the real magic happens.

To start the process, a huge machine is used to crush the junk car and compress it into a compact, flat sheet of metal. After emerging from a crusher, even a large SUV is only around 2 ft tall.

Next, a highly powerful shredder is used to shred compressed sheet of metal into smaller bits of metal, making it easier to transport it to a processing plant, where these metal bits are melted down to separate the aluminum and steel.

In fact, automobile recycling industry in Canada and the United States provides enough steel to manufacture roughly 13 million new vehicles annually.

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