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What Happens After I Sell My Junk Car to the Scrap Car Company?

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When you imagine a junk vehicle removal service, you probably think of those scenes in movies where a humongous machine squashes the car. That is not true most of the time. Although many vehicles do indeed get crushed, frankly, it all depends on the service you are calling.

If you’re wondering what happens to a junk car after it’s sold to a junk vehicle removal service, you’re at the right place.


The first step is draining the vehicle of any fluids it may contain. Certain fluids can be extremely harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.


Car batteries contain acids that can cause blindness and, if ingested, can prove to be poisonous.

Fuel Tank And Airbags

While the fuel tank contains extremely volatile propellants, airbags contain flammable chemicals and thus must be removed.

Draining Liquids

Coolants and oils are then removed safely and stored in sealed tanks to be recycled later. Parts that contain or come into contact with fluids are also dismantled.

Recycling Tires

Tires can catch fire quickly and can burn for days, which is why they’re one of the first items removed from an automobile before it’s scrapped. They’re then recycled or repurposed.

Other Re-Usable Parts

Even the most damaged and derelict cars have parts that can be reused or repurposed. These parts are safely removed by the junk vehicle service and sold to dealers or hobbyists interested in classic cars.

Repurpose Or Recycle

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Once the vehicles are depolluted and the usable parts are salvaged, the junk vehicle removal service decides whether the car will be repurposed or recycled.

If the car is in good shape and can be fixed, it’s restored. These cars can be used for environmental campaigns or donated to the fire or police department.

Cars that cannot be repurposed are further processed, crushed, and recycled. The steel is then sold to processors and manufacturers.

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