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Signs Your Car is Ready For Disposal

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It’s not easy to say goodbye to a car you’ve cherished for years, but sometimes it becomes necessary. After all, your vehicle is only meant to last so long; eventually, it will give up and betray your trust.

When it’s time, it’s better to recycle your car and buy a new one. Around 25 million tonnes of old cars are recycled in the US.

Here are some signs that tell you it’s about time.

A Noisy Steering Wheel

The first sign can be seen when you take your vehicle out for a test drive and notice that the steering wheel has begun to make a noise after only driving three or four miles. The wheel should not make an abnormal noise during the regular operation of the car, so something must be amiss with the drivetrain or suspension. A broken steering column is the most likely problem, as wheel bearing noises are typically associated with this part of the car.

Issues with the Automatic Transmission

The next sign is when the automatic transmission has begun to slip after you have replaced all of the fluid and grease in the transmission. This is a clear sign that something is going on inside of your car’s drivetrain.


The automatic transmission fluid should be replaced every 3000 miles or every two years for older cars, and they should also receive oil changes at each service visit. When you hear this kind of noise in your car, it’s time to add some new filters and oil to your vehicle before buying a new one or selling it on Craigslist.

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An Overheated Engine

Another sign for disposal is when you use an infrared thermometer to check your engine bay. This thermometer should display a reading of more than 150 degrees Celsius (or 302 degrees Fahrenheit), which indicates that the engine suddenly overheated. If this occurs, you will need to replace the transmission fluid before getting rid of your car. More likely, it indicates that your vehicle needs to be replaced very soon.



The ease of use is gone

Even if your car was a pain to maneuver in tight spots or challenging to get in and out of at first, you got used to it over time. But if suddenly it becomes a major hassle? It’s time for a new set of wheels, stat.


There’s a big difference between spending a few hundred dollars on repairs and dropping hundreds of dollars every week (or even every day). If you’re spending that much, you might as well buy a new car.


The cost of insurance is more than the resale value

If your insurance company won’t insure your car because they say it doesn’t meet their standards anymore, it’s time to part ways. There’s no sense in sinking more money into something that won’t appreciate or is likely to get totaled in an accident.


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