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Should I Sell My Car Whole Or Sell For Parts?

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When your vehicle is nearing the end of its life, you’re faced with the decision to sell it as a whole or just for parts. This decision is often more complex than it first seems. Car owners mostly think that this decision affects how much money they’ll receive from the sale.

Both methods of getting rid of a car will get you some money. They both also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of selling whole

It’s an easy and convenient option

Junk car removal services have made life much easier for car owners. They buy your vehicle no matter what condition it is in. You get paid on the spot and you don’t have to worry about having your vehicle towed to the junkyard. Our technicians will assess your vehicle and provide pick up and towing services.

No repairs required

The best part about selling to us is that we buy cars no matter what condition they’re in. We buy cars for recycling purposes as well as cars that require repairs and are then resold. No car is too rundown or damaged for us! You save a lot by not having to worry about repairs.

Disadvantage of selling whole

You might sell it to a junkyard that isn’t giving you the best price

The thing about junkyards is that each one will quote you a different price. Most car owners assume that they will get the same amount no matter which service they go to. As a result, they end up selling their vehicle without doing prior research and end up with a comparatively lower amount. Our experts access the value of your car and offer a handsome sum.

Advantage of selling parts

You can pick and choose what parts you want to sell

With selling parts separately, you can pick and choose which parts you want to get rid of. Some car owners prefer keeping certain parts of the car for various reasons, like reusing it in another vehicle or for the value they derive from it.


Disadvantages of selling for parts

Some parts may require repairs

However, when you’re selling car parts, the buyers expect them to be in good condition and functioning. When it comes to an old car, you’ll most likely have to get repairs to bring those parts back into working condition. That costs additional cash.

You need to have a professional take the car apart for you

If you don’t have experience working with cars, you’ll have to employ the services of a professional to remove the car parts from you. Not only is that more time-consuming than selling your car to a junkyard facility, but it’s also more expensive since the technician will have to be paid for their time.

Now that it’s all laid out for you, the choice is yours.

Chips4Whips is a junk car removal service in Memphis, TN. You can get cash for junk cars with us. We buy off scrap cars as well as salvage cars. Cars that can be salvaged are donated to the Police and Fire Department. Get in touch with us at (901)-949-3656 for more information about the services we provide.

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