Sell Your Junk Car to Us in Olive Branch and Get Instant Cash in On the Spot!

If your junk car is taking up all the space in your garage, it’s time to say a final goodbye!

You don’t have to see the old clunker for another day. Chips4Whips offers an environmentally-friendly solution to discarding of unwanted junk cars that no longer function properly.

No one else may want your car but we do! And we’ll even pay for it!

We purchase old cars regardless of their condition and give you cash in return.
We’ll come to your door in Olive Branch, MS, hand you the cash and tow your junk car for FREE.


We REPURPOSE the junk cars we purchase. We use them to create impactful public awareness campaigns and to train rescue workers in the fire and police departments.


Leaving your car to waste away in your yard or property causes the release of harmful toxins and is also bad for the neighborhood. If your car doesn’t function, we’ll remove all its hazardous chemicals, disassemble it and sell or donate it’s parts.


The salvageable parts of your car are sold to companies that can reuse them.
If you want to get rid of your junk car in Olive Branch the eco-friendly way, there’s no better option than Chips4Whips!

Ready to Have Your Junk Car Removed from Your Sight?

Our services are available in Memphis and surrounding areas including Germantown, Bartlett, Southaven, Horn Lake and Olive Branch