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How to Prep for Car Junking

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If your trusty old car’s finally given up altogether, you might want to get it junked.

Cars are among the most recycled products in the world, due to all the recyclable materials that are used to make them—such as rubber and metal. If you choose to scrap your car, you’ll be helping the environment by ensuring that it doesn’t take up space in a landfill, leaking harmful chemicals.

Before getting your car junked, though, you’ll have to take care of a few things. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Remove personal items

For many people, their car is their second home. Bits and pieces of their lives are scattered all around it. If you’re one of those people, or if your car hasn’t been used for a while, it’s best if you go through the car and remove all your personal items from it.

While clearing your car, check every tight spot, such as under the seats and under the floormats. Make sure you empty out the glove compartment and the trunk as well.

Transfer the title to the buyer

Your vehicle may never run again, but if you don’t transfer the title, it’s still legally your car. This means that you could run into legal liabilities you haven’t signed up for.

Some states don’t require a title transfer if the car is past a certain age, but you need to bring it up while getting your car scrapped.

Remove valuable car accessories

If you have a stereo player or amplifiers that are in good condition, or a GPS device that still works, you can remove them.

Inform your car scrapper whether or not you removed these devices, since these systems will be worth some money on their own, and most junkers will take this into consideration when giving you a quote.

Scrap Vehicle

Detach the license plate

The license plates on your car are linked directly to your registration and title. Some states require you to return the license plate if you’re getting your car scrapped.

Most auto scrap dealers will remind you to keep your license plate, but it’s good practice to have it removed when the dealers come to tow it away.

Cancel your car insurance

If you’re getting your car scrapped, you have no need for insurance anymore. However, even broken down cars might be required by your state to have minimum insurance.

You should cancel your car insurance even if it’s at the end of its period. If you’ve made an advance payment, you’ll be eligible for a refund.


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