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Environmental Impact of Vehicle Recycling

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Vehicle recycling has emerged as a driving force in sustainability in the past few years. As the environmental issues continue to increase worldwide, many people are looking for ways to reduce their vehicle’s environmental impact. Many people sell their scrap cars to junk car buyers for vehicle recycling.

A study by the US Environmental Protection Agency indicates that transportation is the biggest source of GHG emissions. An average passenger vehicle produces approximately 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Key factors affecting a vehicle’s carbon impact include its fuel consumption and annual mileage.

While many people think the environmental impact of vehicles only comes from driving them, their manufacturing and disposal have a larger impact.

How Recycling Cars Can Help the Environment

According to a study, over 25 million automobiles reach the end of their life every year. In the US only, over 95% of the 10-15 million scrapped cars and vehicles are sent to material recyclers, remanufacturers, and auto parts dismantlers or dealers.

Vehicle recycling prevents the waste from entering landfills and facilitates the reuse of car parts thus reducing their environmental impact. It also plays a key role in limiting the environmental damage that occurs because of resource extraction and reduces the need for mining.

Positive Impact on the Climate

Studies by the National Institute of Health and EPA indicate that recycling materials require a lesser amount of energy and water. For instance, a gallon of used motor oil can produce the same amount of lubricating oil (i.e., 2.5 quarts) as forty-two gallons of crude oil. Similarly, using virgin steel requires 40% more water and 60% more energy as compared to using scrap steel for the preparation of new steel. Scrap steel also produces approximately 97% less mining waste.

Optimal Vehicle Disposal


Many cars are disposed of every year in ways that negatively affect the environment. Instead of abandoning your car try selling them to a junk car buyer in your area. When the vehicles aren’t disposed of safely by the professionals, elements like gasoline, power-steering fluids, and brake fluids leak into the waterways and cause environmental damage.

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