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Driving a Junk Car? Here’s Why it’s Time to Let Go of it

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Over 140 million Americans commute on a daily basis and 37,000 of them die in road crashes and accidents annually. With car accidents being the ninth leading cause of deaths in people of all ages, the need for secure vehicles equipped with proper safety measures is higher than ever.

While accidents are inevitable in certain situations, a car with structural integrity will be better able to protect the driver and passengers compared to one not up to standards.

Apart from damaged cars being illegal to be driven on the road in the US, there are certain other dangers that a totaled or old car pose.

Safety Hazards

An old car that has lost some of its functionality poses a threat to both passengers of the car and people sharing the road with you. Here are just a few safety hazards that a junk car poses:

  • Brakes can fail in the middle of the road causing a high impact collision
  • Your car can suddenly die and crash with oncoming traffic
  • Faulty deployment of airbags can send the driver and passengers flying out of the car
  • If any of the mirrors are broken, maneuvering through a busy road can result in an accident
  • Broken head and tail lights can result in a crash or collision if you’re driving at night
  • Fuel tank rapture can cause the car to catch fire and burn


Even though cars are rust protected, a car older than 8 or 10 years can easily corrode. Apart from losing aesthetic, rust can cause metal and steel to degrade which plays a crucial role in the recycling process.

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Rust interferes with the functionality of doors and moving parts, rendering them inoperable in extreme scenarios. The impact of corrosion on soil, water and aquatic life is toxic, putting the land and water around the car at risk.

Rust and corrosion also cause the metal to lose weight so when you do decide to finally sell your car to a junkyard, you lose money.

Environmental Impact

All cars, new or old pollute the environment, but in the case of junk cars, the negative impacts pose a much higher threat.

  • Cars release chlorofluorocarbons causing the depletion of the ozone layer. Engines of junk cars produce even a higher ration of carbon monoxide that is detrimental to the atmosphere and directly plays a part in climate change.
  • Acid and carcinogens released from battery, fuel leak and coolant leaks cause soil pollution affecting the fertility of a land. Nitrogen oxide from engine and brake fluid when mixed with water results in acid rains that are extremely harmful to forests, vegetation and animal life.
  • A junk car sitting in a driveway or a field will eventually wear out completely. Non-bio-degradable parts like rubber, metal and glass affect the environment and human health by releasing airborne toxins in the form of soot and metallic particles.

Get rid of your junk car as soon as possible to minimize the damaging impacts. Eco-friendly car disposal solutions are your best bet if you want to play a positive role in the ongoing climate change crisis.

Since Chips4Whips offer a number of solutions for old cars, you can sell your damaged car Memphis to us for cash, regardless of the extent of deterioration. From recycling, to salvaging old parts to donating it for training purposes, we’ll take the best care of your car.

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