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A Quick Guide to Hiring a Junk Car Removal Company

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Is your vintage car just old at this point instead of vintage? If so, it might be time to discard it and make some room in your garage for a new ride.

If you live in Memphis and want to scrap your car, the one thing you’re not on short is options. There are plenty of companies to whom you can sell your scrap cars in Memphis, but the question is: how do you pick the right one?

Well, we are here to tell you how:


A company might claim to give you cash for junk cars or that you can even sell them your damaged car, but you want to make sure there is truth to those claims. The simplest way to do that is to check a company’s reviews online and get in touch with some of their past customers. Ask them about their experience when dealing with the company and if they would recommend it.

This will help you determine if they actually deliver what they promise to.


When you are looking to scrap your car, don’t look too far. The longer the distance between you and the service you hire, the longer it will take to coordinate and then carry out the removal of your car. Not to mention the costs of transportation to the junkyard, which will increase with the distance.

You would have a much easier time hiring a company closer to where you are located. If you don’t live in Memphis, it’s best to choose a company that provides junk car removal services in surrounding areas such as Germantown or Bartlett.


You want to make sure you are dealing with professionals who know what they are doing. Poor customer service, such as late responses or incomplete information, is a red flag. The support staff needs to be knowledgeable and prompt. Make sure they are able to answer your questions and resolve any issues satisfactorily.

The company you sell your scrap vehicle to should keep you informed as well as involved in the process.


No matter how much it is called a ‘junk car’ or a ‘scrap car’, the fact is your car isn’t totally worthless. In fact, if you sell it right it can get you a fair amount of money. But you could potentially end up missing out if you decide to just go with the first company you find. The important thing is to get quotes from a few different companies and make an informed decision.

Remember, you deserve to get the best deal possible, even when you sell your scrap car.

Get the best deal, even if your car is headed to the junkyard.

An aerial photograph of a junkyard with dozens of scrap cars.

At Chips4Whips, we have years of experience in safely and professionally reusing, recycling and reducing car parts. We pay cash and provide complimentary towing services in Memphis and surrounding areas, so that your junk car can be of service to others.

To make some quick money and get FREE towing for your junk vehicle, get in touch with us today!

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