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Car-ried Away! 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Unused Junk Car on Your Property

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How often do you think about your inoperative scrap car sitting idly on your property? We’re guessing not as often as you should be. Research has shown that vehicle recycling is the 16th largest industry in the U.S., predicted to be at $25 billion annually.

Letting your junk car sit on your outdoor space doesn’t just allow vandals to come knocking; it can also pose many long-standing issues that could cost you. Here’s why you shouldn’t leave your old junk car on your property.

Property Killer

You’d be surprised to know that the value of your property decreases if you have an abandoned car sitting in your driveway. Not only can it make it harder for you to sell your estate, but it can also affect the entire neighborhood. The number of enemies you can make by simply letting your unwanted vehicle sit on your property isn’t a risk you want to take.

Attracts Pests

Whether it’s rodents, insects, raccoons, or stray dogs, you can attract several pests on your estate by keeping your junk car around. These animals have a habit of seeking shelter in an empty automobile, and they may even enter your home. You’re also compromising your family’s safety and your own because thieves and vandals may sneak into your property to acquire some vehicle parts.

Can Pose Dangers

If you have children playing outside, they may be susceptible to getting hurt by your rusted vehicle’s pointed edges, which in severe cases may need a tetanus shot or stitches. Your junk car’s leaking fluids or peeling paint can also be poisonous to you or anyone who touches it. Some fluids are inflammable, so leaving a scarp car with dripping oil can lead to a catastrophic event.

Looks Unsightly

Imagine visiting your friend and finding a beat-up, damaged car parked in their driveway. No matter how lavish the property is, it’ll change the entire look with a junk car sitting nearby.

Having a rusted old car will give you and any other witnesses an eyesore and may even put a damper on your mood, given its neglected and tragic state. If you’re not planning to turn it into a restoration project, it’s best to sell it off.

Breaking the Law

Letting your junk car sit on your property is going against the U.S. Law of Torts. This regulation dictates law-enforcing agents to penalize you for not exercising a reasonable standard of care that can injure others, including children who’re trespassing on your estate. This attractive nuisance doctrine covers the harm that can be caused by a scrap car sitting in your driveway.

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