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5 Reasons To Not Leave a Junk Car on Your Property

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Some people may hold on to their scrap cars due to the memories they have with them. Nevertheless, leaving a junk car on your property can cause a range of problems.

From being a safety hazard to affecting the value of your property, it can become a nightmare. Therefore, the best solution is to have the car removed by a professional junk car service, which will handle it in an environmentally responsible manner.

A junk car parked out of a house


Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t leave a junk car on your property.

1. Can be a Health and Safety Hazard

Junk cars that are rusting contain hazardous materials such as lead-acid batteries. The substance can leak and contaminate the soil and groundwater, posing a threat to your health and the environment. Broken mirrors can also cause injuries to kids playing near these cars.

2. Can Lower Your Property’s Value 

A junk car parked on your property may not make the best first impression. It can negatively affect the value of your property or send a message to potential buyers that you don’t take care of your property. It can devalue your property, making it hard to get a fair price.

3. Result in Legal Actions and Fines

Junk cars can cause legal issues. If the law in your area does not allow leaving a junk car on the property, you can face legal action and fines if your neighbors choose to report it. Moreover, according to the law of torts in the U.S., you can be held accountable if someone gets injured due to a junk car on your property, even in case of trespassing.

A junk car parked out of a house

4. Can Attract Pests

The last thing you want on your property is a pest problem. Junk cars can attract pests like rats, mice, and insects, which can cause damage to your property and spread diseases. Moreover, vandals and thieves may use it as a hiding place.

5. Waste of Space

Why would you want to waste space in your garage or porch? Leaving a junk car on your property is a waste of valuable space. This space could be better used for other purposes, such as gardening, landscaping, or even building a structure that can add value to your property.

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