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4 Sure Signs It’s Time to Part Ways with Your Car

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When it comes to automobiles, most Americans have never-ending love affairs with their first cars. These vehicles hold sentimental value for some people, while others might not see the reason to give them away. However, let’s put things into perspective: if you’re paying insurance for a vehicle that’s heavy on your pockets, it’s time to give it up. Still not ready? Here are some sure-fire signs it’s time to part ways with your car:

  1. Repairs Get Costlier By The Day

Sure, every car might need a few repairs, but if this begins to become a regular occurrence, it’s time you think long and hard about your car’s value. Whether it’s repairing the engine or replacing a radiator, these services can be costly. A good idea is to price the worth of your car; if you’re spending more than what your vehicle is worth on repairs, you’re just wasting money. This same amount can be invested into a new car to ensure a safer, more hassle-free driving experience.


  1. A Decrease in Gas Mileage 

If your vehicle requires more gas than usual, this is a sign of decreased efficiency. You can try a few ways to improve the gas mileage rate, but if there’s still no difference, you’ll need to upgrade. Tons of energy-efficient cars are available in the market; these can keep your monthly fuel costs low and are also great for the environment.

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  1. Safety Is A Major Concern 

When driving, you’re responsible for ensuring the safety of the passengers and the cars driving around you. If your car suddenly breaks down while speeding on a highway, this can lead to dangerous accidents and even a loss of precious lives. The latest safety measures on newer car models include front airbags, electronic stability control, safety belts, child lock, and side-curtain airbags. Older models don’t have these features and might not be safe to drive anymore.


  1. Fails Emission Test

Another way to be sure about whether your car is still functional is to check if it passes an emission test. Failure can mean your vehicle isn’t only outdated but is also harmful to the environment. The latest car models are made with smart technologies that ensure clean and healthy emissions. You can add these features to an older model, but this can cost more than a new car.


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