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3 Car Repairs That Are Too Costly To Manage

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Your car may have served you through hail or storm but it’s time to let it go. Over the years, it may have endured damage of varying severities. While a scratch on the windshield or a dent in the hood doesn’t seems repairable, together with a series of other damages it’s a lot to mend.

These affect the visual appeal of your car and impairs its performance. It’s not safe to drive a car with a cracked windshield and a damaged roof. The roof can cave in any time and cause more loss than you can bear.

Not to mention, auto repairs are always costly. When you reach a stage where the car is damaged beyond repair, it’s best to sell it off and invest the money in something more valuable. Here are some car repairs that cost a lot.

Body Damage

Anything from broken axles and distorted frames to a crippled hood or roof, counts as severe damage. This puts your car in bad shape and makes it dysfunctional. The doors or hood won’t open. The windows won’t go up or down. The wiper blades won’t move. Or the engine simply wouldn’t fire up.

This is usually the case when the car has been in a serious accident and rolled over multiple times. Save the funds you would invest in getting it repaired and sell it at our workshop.

Damaged Head Gasket

If your car suddenly stops in the middle of the road and huge clouds of fumes start coming out of the hood. That’s when the head gasket has blown. It’s caused by overheating of the engine and usually happens in old cars that have an outdated engine.

A blown head gasket creates a lot of mass and can render your car useless until you spend a few thousand dollars to get it fixed. It can extend the damage to other parts of the car that add to your repair costs. The job demands intense labor and deep pockets. If your car has already served its lifetime, it’s best to sell it to us.

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Transmission Damages

This is the part that suffers from wear and tear the most. It’s a complex system that connects the engine to the driveshaft. When power flows from the engine, the driveshaft fires up. Due to heat and friction, the moving parts of the transmission system can get seriously damaged.

The gears may start slipping, the clutch may drag, the car may create noise while running and also release a burning smell when it does. If you’ve encountered similar problems many times in the past with fewer chances of recovery, chances are the repairs will only drain your savings. Sell it to us for a good price if you don’t want it to simply take up space in your garage.

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