Junk cars are vehicles that have come to the end of their lives or have sustained considerable damage that has reduced their values. Repairing and selling such vehicles is time-consuming and expensive, and vehicle owners don’t usually get a great return for the effort they have put in.

You can sell your junk car for scrap instead—junkyard companies buy off run-down cars for scrap metal and valuable parts. These companies provide instant cash for the vehicle as well, making them a lucrative option—however, all junkyards aren’t to be trusted. Many try to scam car owners by downplaying the value of the car and offering less cash to profit from the sale.

That’s why our experts have come up with a guide to help you determine the approximate value of your car. We believe in transparency and providing clients with a fair valuation.

Current Scrap Metal Price

The current price of metal is a major component in your vehicle’s quote. Scrap metal is the number one reason for recycling junk cars. This scrap metal is then used by car manufacturers to produce more vehicles.

An average vehicle contains approximately 2000 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum. The price quoted for your vehicle should be based on the current scrap metal prices and current demand.

Before selling your vehicle to a junkyard company, look into the price of scrap metal to get a rough idea about the value of your vehicle.

Your Vehicle’s Weight

A car’s weight impacts how much money a vehicle owner gets for a scrap car. The more your vehicle weighs, the more you can get for it, as it means more metal and good quality parts used.

To find the exact weight of your car, look up the vehicle’s manual since it covers all such specs of the car. If you no longer have the manual, look up the weight of the vehicle online by putting in the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

Current Market Demand For Vehicle Parts

Salvageable vehicle parts are sold off from your vehicle. Even run-down vehicles have some valuable parts worth a considerable sum of money. The current market demand for the car part will, however, determine the value of the parts. When in high demand, the parts are worth more than usual.

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